We’re helping beauty brands serve a personalized digital shopping experience to women of skin of color

It’s easy! All your shopper needs is her selfie and 60 seconds.

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How it works

Step 1

Your shopper uploads her selfie

Step 2

Plum Perfect builds her unique colour signature

Step 3

Plum Perfect recommends your products suited for her color profile and, because experience is everything, we also explain why we've chosen the products

She buys your products which have been recommended just for her!

Pst! That’s her SKIN.HAIR.EYE.LIP color profile

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We invite your shoppers to share their selfies to which we apply our proprietary magic to pull out her colors:
⟶ skin
⟶ hair
⟶ eye
⟶ lip
⟶  undertones
With this information, you’ll be able to target shoppers with the products that work best for them.

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With restrictions on physically testing your products and less shoppers making the trip to your stores (#stayhomestaysafe) this widget allows you to take the color signature a step further by offering them personalized recommendations right on your platforms!
Recommendations are made using their unique colour signatures so combinations are bespoke to them.

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Shoppable Video Tutorials


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for influencers


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for brands

Walk your viewer through your step-by-step look and allow them to shop the products you use, getting the best product matches tailored to their unique color signature. With a direct line to purchase!
Has buying makeup ever been easier?

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The power of AI-driven matching technologies

The proprietary recommendation engine has two components:

1 // Rule-based recommendation engine which provides perfect product suggestions to the shopper based on their unique color and feature variables extracted from the photo
2 // The built-in machine-learning algorithm that allows the product recommendations to be trained to the tastes of the shopper. This is amplified even further by automatically collating like photos and attributes.

That’s 6.9*10∧54 possible rule combinations!

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